Thursday, December 29, 2011

No, Not This One

Once again, another shopping day with Lucas. I know, you guys probably have bored with my stories, but this is my life. Every time that I spend with him would be worth so much in the future. It also because we're a newly-couple and you know it, I always miss him all the time. And, unfortunately I was told that my family are going to spend the whole new year holiday in Hawaii, and we're gonna leave Moscow tomorrow morning :( So this is the last time (well, particularly, I hope not) me and Lucas spend the day. Oh I will surely miss him a lot. I don't know, I just hate this holiday....

Still, Lucas said I shouldn't be that sad :) Yes, that's why we went out once again. He was trying to cheered me up! How sweeeet! Annnd, we both went to Christian Louboutin's shoe shop! It was such experience! Okay and I don't know why Lucas wanted to spent such moneys for me. Like, he bought me a camera, complete with its kit and bag, and dozens of shoes, fashion stuffs, and so on. I mean, he knows I already have too much. But he keeps buy me things! Well, I like it, that's sweet and I think I'll be just fine with this as long as he doesn't put this as his burden :/

If you think that I only collect Jeffrey Campbell shoes, well you make a big mistake :D I also interested with Christian Louboutins! They got red soles as the trademark and those glittery shoes are iresisstible! I put them at mom's shoe rack since mine has fulled by JC. But still, if you ask me which one is my favourite between those two brands, Campbell is the man! \m/ Thank you so much Lucas, for this white sequined heels! I love it so much and also been waiting for so long to buy this and complete my collection :) Thank You!

Much love, Sera

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Into The End

Wheew, I can't believe the end is almost here. So many great things happened to me in the year of 2011. It's like, it all happened just by yesterday. I really wanna make a special review post here, but not now. Maybe next one. For this post, I wanna show you my newest gifts that Lucas bought me just by this morning :D Yes, today is my birthday and I can proudly say Happy Sweet Seventeen To Me :)) My friends told me to just make a big party since I haven't partying for 2 months :$ But I said I'll keep the big party, together with the new year's school party! Check them out~

Much love, Sera

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Couture L. O. V. E.

The dresses, so to die for! I wish I can have one for my upcoming new year's party. You know I'm still confused what should I wear... Advice needed.

Much love, Sera

Oops, I Did It Again

Went out for a yummy coffeeing and lunch with my very sweet Lucas, Selene and Delene, Sarah, and almost all of my photography class fellas. We were out for planning the new year's school party and I can't wait to pull out my best dress! Can you imagine it? I'll watch the end of the year with someone I love?? I mean, my relationship with Lucas hasn't passed more than a month but we have lots of great moments ahead??? His confession was really in the right time!

Unfortunately, that photo above is the only picture we took. Sel and Del lost her camera somewhere after we left Starbucks :(( Thank God it was only Canon 550D. I mean, it was a gift, anyway. And somehow, it's good for them to have a habit to take out the memory card everytime they just finished using the camera. Good, no? :/ Anyway, I was so embrassed when Lucas' mom showed me this photo,

Lucas embrassed too! This is so cute haha. Me and my twins, Sel and Del decided to have a night cap over his house and watch old movies together for the little christmas celebration. I think I was too sleepy and lazy to move into my room so I ended up slept on the couch at the living room! And it's sweet to know Lucas also slept by my side.... <3

Much love, Sera

Monday, December 26, 2011

Fresh From The Heart

Today's breakfast: strawberry heart-pancake with honey and cheese, plus a cup of delightful milk and lemon tea. Lucas' mom made this for me (well, for us). She's an owner of a beautiful house design here in Moscow. Not to mention that she's also rated as one of the best designer of 2011 by ELLE Russia. Ekhem, I helped Jamie (the columnist at that time) wrote the article about her. I think that's why she's so kind to me, eh? :D

What you eat for your breakfast, Angels? ;) Lemme know!

Much love, Sera

Stay Still

Okay so yesterday when I was doing a blogwalking, I found this pretty ahmazing GIF made by a far-away blogger, Nava. Yes, we both are Jeffrey Campbell lover. She said she has the JC Litas Heels-spike in black! I'm gonna chase over it too. Just wait!

Also, this is all of my family member photo that taken on christmas night :) I'm gonna miss you guys soon. My parents are going home tomorrow because I still have my own little sister who left out there in Athens :D But that's okay. At least I've celebrated this christmas with (almost) all of my family members. And for the new year? I think gather around with my photography class would be fine!

Random: I am in Lucas' house right now, LMFAO!

Much love, Sera

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Joyeux Noel!

Yeehaa, it's christmas! Finally! :D Oh I'm so fallin love with the christmas breeze. Eventhough yesterday I told you I was left alone at home to spend the christmas eve with no one, but for today, it all gone :) I didn't expect that my parents would come! We first spent the whole morning at church and also had amazing delicioso breakfast at home. I cooked roasted chicken with sweety honey and garlic by myself yesterday night (when I was alone at home). And guess what? My parents said it tastes good! Not bad LOL.

Still remember my lovely twin, Delene and Selene? At the christmas eve parade yesterday, they went out and looked for so many presents for us, and ME! They also brought home cutey sweet pink macarons. The fashionable finger-food, yum :9 And thank you so much for the far far away gift, a Parisian cup from my beloved cousin, Eren! I've missed her a lot these days! Can't wait to share my latest story too about me and Lucas :D She also gave me another sweet gift, droll over to find out!

1) Jeffrey Campbell Litas in brown suede. This pair of ashtonishing shoes came 3 days before christmas so I've been wearing it to random places. My another cousin, Nava gave me this! 2) The coolest make-up kit from my mom. She said I need to think about how my face look alike since I've got a boyfriend now :| 3) See the new thing? I've got my iPhone! Yaaayyy! And the kind Miyawako also bought me sweet gifts which are 2 books for my boring time of holidays, and thank's to my sweetheart Lucas who have bought me the new lense of my baby Nikon D3000! 4) They aren't mine. I just took the photo of it!

And then after me and my big family had our special breakfast, I spent the whole day to have chitchats as much as I could. I don't know when will my parents fly away back to Greece so it's better to be with them along this christmas, right? ;) Oh and, this one really surprised me. Lucas suddenly came to our house and asked me if tonight I can have a dinner with his family. What do you think I said? YES.

Okay, please don't surprised with his house. I know, I know. The house is just too awesome :$ I, myself didn't believe it was his house at first. But whatever. The open space around his house is my favourite spot. And I also found these pretty trees along the way to his home. Cool...

I must say, the creative instinct of Lucas' family (or I should say, her mom) is really ahmazing! Those photos above were taken from his christmas tree. I bet if you see it, you'll think like it was made from memories and other invisible stuffs. For me, I think Alice of Alice In Wonderland who made that :D

L-U-C-A-S :)

The "drunken" mistress....

Lucas' little sister, Sarah! She just dyed her hair.

Yep, those shoes are also a gift from Eren. Gonna wear it on the new year party with Lucas!

Much love, Sera

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hold The Cold!

2 days ago I was contacted by Vogue Russia to manage a photoshoot of Dempsey Stewart. This is one of the photos I took. Thank you so much for lending me such opportunity! It was an honor for me to be back in Vogue after 2 years on a break. Aaannd, don't you think she's so perfect? I love the lights effect and the angle, oh right, the angle is such an angel :D Anyway, this is just a quick review post before I leave. It's so sweet that Lucas asked me to go out at christmas to enjoy people's hiatus! Until the mean time, see ya!


Much love, Sera

Please Sing Me A Lullaby

Spending the whole Christmas Eve at home (or can be called, in my bedroom). Lucas is having his great time with his family and Miyawako just went out with my uncle, Pierre to enjoy the christmas parade here. So I currently home alone now. I don't know what to do except scrolling over and over on Tumblr, spend more times to clean up my cameras and read manual books of my new Eiffels. Am still waiting for someone to rescure me. Hello?

Much love, Sera

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Test Drive

I finally use the E-PL3 with a Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens and don't miss the flash at all. I carry the flash in it's little pouch in my pocket and if (if and when) I need it I have it in short order. As for the grip I just got a little "Flipbac" grip (same as I put on my XZ-1) and it works just fine. I also got the new VF-3 viewfinder and it's good to have once in a while on the E-PL3, but I really use it a lot on the XZ-1 which really benefits from it. I love the 40mm view of the Panasonic 20mm, but once in a while I need a different view and the 28-112mm of the XZ-1 is perfect. I carry both cameras at times and they both get remarkably good shots.

Much love, Sera
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