Monday, July 2, 2012

White Mykonos!

Asos dress, Zara shoes

None of updates, yes, sowreeeyy! I was too tired back from Mykonos xD Haha, yes, I've got home and none updates live from Mykonos?? Nah, that's not true. At least the past 2 posts were posted when I was in Mykonos~ Still, I spent 3 days and a half there--okay, can be called as 4 days actually. And I don't know why did I pack up and full my suitcase with such dresses :O Because it's still summer? No no no, I'm not so into mini dresses y'all. Really, I guess someone has ruined my suitcase when I was in Mykonos :$ Gotta find out who... 2 more outfits in Mykonos and I'm done! I just realized my outfits in Mykonos have 1 colour palette :D Guess what kind of colour coming up next!

Much love, Sera

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