Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Went Off

Werelse jellyfish tee, Forever21 shorts, Chanel leopard jacket, Balenciaga bag

Feels like pulling out my shorts today. I just remember that 3 days has passed and I also remember that I forgot to posted something in my 3 days' "weakness" without Lucas :D But this morning right after I had breakfast, Lucas called me and asked me with laughters to pick him out! God I've been missing him for too long! Eren even screaming when I screamed LOL. We then soon drove away to the airport, kekeh. Can't wait to post about Lucas' trip which means.... MORE COUPLE PHOTOS!

PS: However, if you happen to be Revel blog's reader, then you must've known about her sad broken-heart story. I, as her bestfriend, feel sorry for that. If you don't mind, read and leave a supportive comments would really make her day :) Thank you, God bless you!

Much love, Sera

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Today's Breakfast: From China With Sushi

Thinking about how many times I posted about foods or breakfast I had in this blog makes me wanna make a regular post about it. What do you think? It's always another delightful passion for me to take tons of food pictures. I adore Michelle Koesnadi from Glisters and Blisters for her amazing photographs in taking food pictures. Just click the "Food" label and you'll find to-die-for delicious pictures already :9

Talking about foods, here are breakfast menu I got this morning:

Miyawako made me and Eren a really creative and kinda "cute" menu :D The sushi roll, oh my for God sake, that was the cutest and most creative sushi I've ever seen! I even asked Eren not to eat them, they're soooo good-looking! Too good to be eaten, especially by greedy monster like me.... While for the dessert, Miya-san left us to made a customized DIY bread :| Soooo, yeah! Try to guess which one is my creation! ;)

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Alright :)

Okay, so as I've told you guys about Lucas' leaving to Cannes for 3 days, we both did a little farewell party :D You see, somehow I feel like this post's title is too dramatic, isn't it? I can't even survive a day without talking to him.... Now for 3 days? Shoot, just wish I won't find any poisons or drugs around :D

Lucas' phone and mine :) This is so cute!

Good luck, and take care, baby :)

Much love, Sera

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Nerds Do It Better!

Like, it's another thing I love to collect. Books have always been on my sides since ages ago. People said my "nerd-power" came from daddy who was once an author in Greece. Yep, he ever wrote 10 books and all of them is about his life's journey, random trips around world, and stuffs like that. He did it for about 7 years together with mom :) How sweeeeetttt!

PS: I am now having a long-time paused at Starbucks with Lucas :) He's going to spend 3 days of his trial work with Barbara Antoinette on Cannes! FYI, Barb is Schuman's old bestfriend and I've personally met her in person too! She's such a talented world-rate photographer. Just wish us luck, cuz probably me and Lucas can get another silver chance to be an official red carpet photographer for once again!

Much love, Sera

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Idle Hand

Hello, dear readers out there! Today I would like to introduce to you my 1946 Hermes Kelly bag! Lucas bought it second-hand at thrift store few weeks ago for an amazing price and it's one of the most precious items in my closet now. Do you like the colour? I think it's so versatile. You can wear it with black, blue and brown tones. Also, it's very unlikely that you will bump into someone who has the same! The one question that always come up with vintage items is CONDITION. This bag has seen better days but isn't it normal for something that is 66 years old to have a few wrinkles? A bag is made to be worn, not to sit around in a box! :D

Anyway, as you can see that I can't simply post on this blog as average like last year. I'm on my productive days this lately, especially with my photography class and so on. School life might be sucks, but it's nothing when you got friends beside you, no? ;)

Playing around these colourful paints around to spend the whole boring day. I decided to put another interest to arts, not only in photography side. Miyawako bought me lots of canvas, and Eren helped me to get inspired :D Too bad that the twin has went away back to Jakarta :( Sel and Del will continue their school and as soon as they're going to start the "old-boring school life", they gave me this beautiful package of sweets of lotions! I'm not sure will try them, but their smells are as sweet as their looks :9

Enjoying my new Macbook case. Mmm, not a good one I think... Thoughts?

Much love, Sera

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Delightful Breakfast

Aaah, another sweet breakfast as my morning prologue :) Miyawako made me this Strawberry Tea and some delicious asian cuisine as the appetizer. I was first asked to get the appetizer first, but the smell of the tea made me wanna sip it thousands times! The garlic bread was another great cooking masterpiece too by her. Wish I could cook as good as Miyawako :| Just so you know that I ever still afraid of stoves until now....

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Still Alive

Oh, this is really bad. Why can't I simply post something here? Why do I always keep neglecting this blog? Why...?? :( Sorry, I know I'm a bad blogger. I promised to post my nail-art about a week ago but I ended up nothing. Really, I was having some problems with the photography class and lots of works to be done. I'm going back to my old worksphere, magazines photoshoots. I've been contacted by Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar as well last week for their featured pages. Finally after years I take a break from them, they still believing in me to handle some of their great projects :) Once again, I'm so honored...

I also met Jane Aldridge for the first time, ever! Yayness! I still can't believe it! If it wasn't because I was working together with Scott Schuman (which I believe it was also an "accident"...) for Teen Vogue on January Issue, I wouldn't get the chance! Jane is so much prettier than how I used to see on her blog. I love her red-flame hair and her eyes - oh my God, eyes - they're so stunning :* Then she asked me to took her outfit shots that day near the forest. You can see the post, here. She was so beautiful!

Oh, and, I know I've left this blog with a very long post interval of the previous one, but I still want to show you another masterpiece of mine :D

Spending the after-school life with Lucas around Starbucks. He was just signed a contract with Prima Creative as digital web designer. What a good beginning! Since Lucas is great with designs and love to "ruin" someone's web, I think digital web designer is the perfect job for him :D I still wondering for myself. I don't know if I will hang with magazines forever or not... Well, we'll just see!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just Chillin'

It's Sunday! Spending the whole day around the department stores with friends. Lina, Revel, and Roro decided to had another girls' night out last night I spent my dreams on Revel's home. We talked about boys, you know that ;) It was cute how Lucas kept texting me even when I've told him that I'll be fine. We used to hang out somewhere when it comes to Saturday night, but we didn't last night so he got a little bit "mad" of me :D Too bad that I only took one photo and it's Revel's house, not one of us LOL.

FYI, Revel is a newbie in Blogosphere and if you don't mind, come check her blog, Rebel Revel and probably follow her? Anyway, I think Lucas has to step aside along with his house's beauties, now I'm amazed with Revel's house, don't you??

Photo by Revel.

I was wearing black blazer from Stardivarious, grey seen-through tank from American Apparel, bag from Chanel, and an unbranded black leggings I stole from Miyawako's closet :P Unfortunately Eren got something to do and she asked the twins to accompanied her. So because I have nothing to do, I called Revel and she agreed to hang out somewhere this afternoon.

So we went downtown and headed to one of the Chanel store. Revel, Roro, and Lina said they're just going to sightseeing and won't buy anything but me. Yep, I probably a little bit greedy person type. As I've told you on my previous post I just had another photoshoot project for Vogue Greece. And I know you guys won't believe me with the price I got :DD

One of the cosmetic store we found on department store! So heaven!

Revel, Lina, Roro.

All of them were wearing the same boots from Chanel too! I love Roro's pairs, it's glam and cool! Too bad I didn't pull of my Louboutin boots :( I was wearing Dolce and Gabbana star booties which I forgot to take the photos, but you still can kinda imagine it paired with my feet by read Jane's post about them, here.

For the review, we all just sightseeing and I think I was the only one who spent lots of money :$ Oh, seeing those Louboutins and pretty make-up stuffs makes me wanna cry over! :D I'm trying to make a unique nail art right now, and just wait 'til I finish it cuz I'm sure will post it!

Much love, Sera

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Proudly Presenting :)

Just a quick post before I spend the night between tons of papers and cups of coffee. Maybe you guys haven't heard or known that I got another freelance photoshoot session for Vogue Greece together with my cousin, Dimitri. We also featured to take part and worked together with Chiara Ferragni! And here she is on Vogue Greece's main web-page:

Much love, Sera

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First Square

Just found this picture when I was cleaning the files...

Remember this one? This is the un-edited picture. I use this on my "ABOUT" page tab and somehow the resolution has compressed.... but it wasn't me. I've never compressed my pictures before. But whatsoever, it's so amazing to see that Eren has arrived here! :D

Oh my, she was so stylish! I envy her skinny and little body so she can looked great in every clothes she wears.... Unlike me. I wonder where did she get that orange longchamp bag from ZARA in France... Perfectly paired with basic Tee from EvilTwin, and white skinny jeans from Lea. She coloured her hair, btw.

Also don't forget with my lovely twins, Sel and Del. They both played with my Mac all night long -__- and Sel almost broke one of my LOMO - the Super Sampler one... - but she didn't... When I was trying to talk to them, they just laughing and telling me I was too dramatic. She said Lucas must've done something to me... :/

Well, Sel (left) and Del (right) looked quite different these few days. Don't you think so?

Much love, Sera

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It's Just The Beginning

Wow, what a hectic week this was and lots of troublesome works to do... Thank God I still can handle it all by myself :) Anyway, it's amazing how the new life of 2012 has got its own beautiful way for me. I can have more quality times for my family, friends, boyfriend, and my pets - and Lucas' too. Last year I didn't get more chances to do that. Blame me and my super buzy days full! Yes, I don't even remember when was the last time I had my holiday in 2011 and it made me forgot about my own personal life. But I promise I won't act like that anymore in this brand new year :) Pinky promise!

Me and Miyawako decided to went out to the crafting shop near our house for some refreshments and a little shopping session. It's called "The Create-ive" and I must say, the owner, Sidonia Marxer, she was so polite to us. I really like her and we both had a great conversation while I was waiting for Miyawako spending her money. I must admit that Sidonia was pretty crazy in photography. She said that her tiny cute shop has inspired a-lot from the photography lesson she got in school.... YES, we're in the same age! :O

Oh I love this sunnies from ProOpticals :) And as always, I'm going to collect more of them! In fact, I've already have some colourful sunnies on my accessories box. I was wearing the super comfort floral tank from Topshop which Sel and Del picked out for me at the department store last Monday.

All of them from ProOpticals~ Anyway, I saw this super creative gravity on a wall-street when I went home from school with Roro. And as always, she asked me to get some snaps :D

Random: I also have another challenging promise this year..... BE WITH LUCAS ALL THE TIME :)

Much love, Sera

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Blue On Blue

Check out what I got this morning!

Yay, finally! Been waiting for these lovely pair of shoes from Chicwish! Yes, the shoes isn't one of the Louboutins or even Campbells, but I love the pretty details of the bows and the colour, gosh the colour, it's BLUE! Now I'm ready for an all-in-blue dress piece party! As you can see, I've got my blue clutch from Alexander McQueen, and the one drapery long-night dress in blue from Chanel that I forgot to took a picture of it too. They're almost in the same colours!

Much love, Sera

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The Collector

So why do I always collect cameras even if I know I've had enough of them? I love being called as collectors. Any kind of things, as long as it's collectible, then I'm gonna collect it. Cameras are one of my investments. Don't forget about the shoes. Like this one... As I've told you I got a cold so I'm not allowed to do an outside photoshoot. Lucas also doesn't accompany me now. He's quite busy these past few days during his presentation for our photography class. He's the leader, by the way ;)

And for this post, I wanna show you what I've taken with my brand new polaroid camera, just came by 2 days ago when I was trying to rest my head and feet from Hawaii. It's a birthday gift that Jason gave to me. He's my friend. I was first knew him from Lomography site and since then we always shared lots of things to each other :D Thank you so much for the polaroid, J. I'm about to start collecting them now....

Much love, Sera

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Story of The Day

Today's breakfast: another healthy food. Yep, I catch up a cold last night -,- and mom didn't let me to choose my own food... Well, seems like I should think twice about my health now. And as always, strawberry and a non-fat yoghurt would be my best healthy choice. I used to be a junk-food lover, but since I met Lucas, he thaught me to be a vegetarian. Well, foods in Russia are too junkies to be consumed and I can't hang with porks of lambs... So yeah, I think I've became a vegetarian now :)

Anyway, last night right before I catched up the cold, I was on a friend's birthday party with Lucas and all of my bestfriends. And I think, the reason why I sick now, was because the dress I wore last night. It was a formal party so Lucas just pulled out his old tux and I, well, I don't know why I chose this Stella McCartney pastel dress in nude :| Surely not good for breezing weather in Moscow...

There was just only a picture of it. This was taken by Margaretha, annnnnddd, she was in a rush. I told him that I need a picture of us in this moment. And he asked me to just kiss him in the picture. Damn, and I somehow love it! So here it is, the only memories left.... But still, thank you, Meg!

Much love, Sera

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Underneath The Palm Trees

Hi people!!! Sorry for leaving this blog for more than a week! I even didn't get the chance to post about my new year's celebration! :( Really sorry, if it wasn't because the whole of my family didn't go to Hawaii and I somehow forgot to brougth my gadgets -all of my gadgets- I would have posted everything live in Hawaii. So once again, I say sorry from my deepest heart :(

Still, don't ever think I have no post to be posted! Of course I have. Lots of great posts ahead, baby! More pictures, more stories, more fun things to be told. I've been waiting for this but we just arrived from Hawaii last night and I'm still freshly tanned :O But not that tanned. I don't like being over-tan. Hawaii was good. I love the warm weather. That was the first time I came to Hawaii and I suddenly fell in love with that place.... Oh, the only thing I regret, was that I didn't get the chance to meet with Bruno Mars! Damn!

Okay, I know you guys have bored with my chitchats, so here are some shots I took along with the story...

I may forgot about the laptop, internet connector, or else, but I never ever would forgot about my cameras and its stuffs. The night before I left, I asked Lucas what camera should I bring. He said almost all of my cameras are too good to be left :D So he suggested me to just bring the whole "gang" and I'll be fine!

First time arrived! We all went straight to the Oahu beach and it was pretty hilarious when Sel and Del rushed into the beautiful wave. I often saw some big fishes like dolphins swimming across the big waves. And that pretty turtle, right, kinda reminded me with "Founding Nemo" :D He seemed annoyed!

I found so many beautiful scneries to be snapped. Sel also didn't forget to bring her cute Patrick doll along :D She's such a child! I was pretty amazed by the clear blue seas and skies. Unlike in Moscow, I couldn't see the weather without ended up finding snow on my face :$ I picked out the Chanel oversized striped batwing in monochrome, Romwe black shorts, and the reflection of Sun necklace from Chain Reaction. A perfect look for the warm weather in Hawaii, no? ;)

For my dearest Lucas, from Hawaii with love!

The "talented" Elene, Sel and Del's older sister. Have I told you that she's one of the greatest guitarist of whole world? Yea, she has been playing guitar ever since Elvis was first appeared! :O Nah, kidding... But she sure is. After we spent the whole morning around the seashore, these 3 Minowa sisters asked me to join in with them at the flea markets. Well, why not? I found lots of good stuffs there. Like these denims. Nothing beats the "nasty" atmosphere of Hawaiian denims!

My hotel's back view and the restaurant. Oh you should try Hawaiian cuisine for sure! They're so much guilty pleasure! I've tried almost all of them and will post it on the next chapter, pink promise!

That's all the little review about my trip to Hawaii. I'm sure gonna miss all the funny and candid memories... Good night, and much love, Sera....

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