Sunday, October 28, 2012

Give Me a Star to Reach For

H&M tee, vest, and ring, Asos sunnies, Oasap skirt, Blanco bag, Zara shoes

Aaaaah, good day, peeps! How's your weekend? Mine is suddenly awesome! I just had a sweet Skype session with Lucas. We talked a lot just then and we tried to find the best way for the conflict we had. It went smoothly and I am really glad and relieved that I can finally be together and reunited again with the one I love :) The one that I've loved since the first time we got in the same group for a photography project at school. Now! I know I wear this shoes too many times but I just can't get enough of this beautiful Zara heels! >,< It has the perfect high and look tough. I just love it *in British  accent* ;) Sorry, I took too much photos here lol! Have a nice Sunday!

Much love, Sera

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blogger's Style: Anastasia Siantar

{Anastasia Siantar of Brown Platform}

Right, back to my series post of blogger's styles! Recently I've been eye-ing over Anas' looks. She's so cute and I love her fashion style so much! Her shoes collection is another thing we all should adore ;) In this post, I like her hair the most. Oh, don't forget those fiercing madame spikes :D Well done, Anas! Keep up the good work~

Photos courtesy of Brown Platform.

Much love, Sera

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Crystal Clear

Some polaroids me and Lucas have taken in the early 2012, and his old lens...

Is this just my fantasy... or is it reality?

As soon as I'm back on blogging world, I somehow feel all my confident has back to me. So last night I gave myself another go. I called Lucas. It just happened in a flash. He picked up, and I could hear noisy voices back there. He must be really busy. He didn't even know it was who called him.

Him: Hello?
Me: Luc...

That's it. Just a peek of my little voice and I knew he knew it was me. He asked how was my day and where I lived. He didn't sound like a mad man I saw the last time he went off through that door. Well I cried silently. Lucas sounded like the old him I knew. Last night I remembered all the things we have done together. Travelling from one place to another and how I saw mom was so happy when she met Lucas in Athens. Also not to forget, all the things we had in our university in Moscow. 5 years of waiting and the day when he confessed his love. All ran through my mind last night.

Me: I wish I can see you again. Through the same door as you left me that day.

And I shut it down. 10 seconds later he called back and said something that I never thought he would do that. He wanted me back. He apologized. He sounded hurt. He said he loved me for who I am and what I do for my life--we fought because he was mad that I chose to be a freelancer in Medugalion, teehee. 2 minutes of phone call which turned out really good. I must say thank you so much for this blog. Without you, I wouldn't called him and has such brave :) Now I can happily say that we're back together...

Much, much, much, MUCH love, Sera

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Summer Fruits

Mango sweater and shoes, Zara shorts, Asos sunnies, David Jones bag

Old outfits, sorry! 3 and a half month of blog-hiatus makes me searching over my photos that I've kept since the beginning I deleted my blog >,< It's a proof that I still had my heart left here eventhough you didn't see it for months. But don't worry, I'm slowly getting all of them back in my hands and they'll be up on the blog before your eyes ;) This was taken when I was still in Milan. I had such crazy weather. Not sure had to wore layering outfits or not :D It's too bad that summer has ended and autumn is starting to approach. But it means I can wear more layering outfits, right? So say, is this outfit too bright or what? O.o

Much love, Sera

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Stay Golden

Zara shirt, skirt, and shoes, Pandora ring, Asos sunnies, Cambridge Satchel Company bag

Okay, no more past photo posts. This time I'll post the ones that I really took nowadays :) As now I live all by myself--no friends, no relatives, no boyfriend--I finally opt to get a new tripod. The last ones that I've been using for my former works have lost somewhere in my trips, haha! I see that the cambridge satchel has been trending everywhere and well, Lucas bought this one long time ago. But it seemed too big for my everyday bag until I reached back Moscow. It became my everyday bag cuz it fitted my Mac and all my novels teehee :D

Photos taken by myself.

Much love, Sera

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Today's Breakfast: Just Snacks

Californian states

Once again, looking at this photo will only drives my sweet memories with Lucas back. Oh no, why do I keep on talking about him? O.o There was this day--when I still had my blog updated so this was very long time ago--when me and Lucas and some friends of Medugalion UK had our short trip in California :) Wow, you should really try their foods! Never tasted one like that before! :9

Yup, Lucas took these photos for me...

Much love, Sera

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Truth Be Honest

Okay, I know I can't just start posting stuffs like always after my months of hiatus in this blog. So what have I been through? Lots of things. Let's start one by one...

First, I finally graduated from Bocconi University in Milan. And finally came back to Moscow to prepare the continuation of my works in Medugalion. Lucas decided to keep up with his other friends in Prima Creative as a photographer and journalist in London. And so we had LDR.

Second, I had a short-term rehab in mid August due to the hectic schedule which I couldn't hold back. Tasks and tasks and tasks and tasks all the time! Like there was no time to play and I just worked like hell.

Third, long time no blogging and doing my usual stuffs--like taking photos of myself wearing random outfits, travelling, writing, etc--I guess I was being driven by mood easily. I had many little fights with Lucas for the past 2 months. Maybe it was because we were an LDR couple. As the end of the story, we broke up dramatically when he visited my flat in Moscow last mid September.

Fourth, I've moved out to Barcelona, Spain now. Why Spain and not Greece? I need time of my own now. I need time to think. If I came back with my family, I'd be so in guilty feeling, probably for nothing. So one day after Lucas left, I opened my world map and randomly pointed at an island, which was Spain, and it was Barcelona to be precise. How coincidence, ain't it? :D

Yup, that's what I've been through :)

Much love, Sera

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