Friday, October 26, 2012

Taken Aback

Wow, how long has it been? :O Well, some of you might looked out for the existence of Much Love, Sera? Or might be none of you did, lol. Truth is, I was taking a break from blogging world, because as you know, eventhough I'm still 19, I've graduated and has actually started working for a big and real fashion company. Everytime I wanted to make a fashion post or simply take pictures for the blog, I ended up thinking about my tasks and works and the final assignments of my college back then. It drove me insane which finally I had to take the decision to just stop doing blogging :)

But I've missed this blog for a very long time. Really I do. But everytime I say to myself that if I undelete the blog, that means I have to be ready to hold another promising posts, to keep on the track, to keep it updated at least once in a while. And today, in my smooth weekends, I finally did it. Well, I'm doing it right now :D I've done with college--this time, really really done--and has successfully landed my name in Medugalion Espana. Oh and you read it right, I'm residing in Spain this time. Not much to say, just wanna try to live somewhere different like I used to. Alone, without Lucas--we've broke up now, haha...

Sooo, say hello to the comeback of this pretty bitch, will ya? B)

PS: No more "Much Love, Sera", now it's "Seravine, LOL". All informations including my Bloglovin' will be changed in the near time. And if you don't mind, update my link if you ever done one in your blog list :D Thank's a bunch!

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