Friday, October 26, 2012

Truth Be Honest

Okay, I know I can't just start posting stuffs like always after my months of hiatus in this blog. So what have I been through? Lots of things. Let's start one by one...

First, I finally graduated from Bocconi University in Milan. And finally came back to Moscow to prepare the continuation of my works in Medugalion. Lucas decided to keep up with his other friends in Prima Creative as a photographer and journalist in London. And so we had LDR.

Second, I had a short-term rehab in mid August due to the hectic schedule which I couldn't hold back. Tasks and tasks and tasks and tasks all the time! Like there was no time to play and I just worked like hell.

Third, long time no blogging and doing my usual stuffs--like taking photos of myself wearing random outfits, travelling, writing, etc--I guess I was being driven by mood easily. I had many little fights with Lucas for the past 2 months. Maybe it was because we were an LDR couple. As the end of the story, we broke up dramatically when he visited my flat in Moscow last mid September.

Fourth, I've moved out to Barcelona, Spain now. Why Spain and not Greece? I need time of my own now. I need time to think. If I came back with my family, I'd be so in guilty feeling, probably for nothing. So one day after Lucas left, I opened my world map and randomly pointed at an island, which was Spain, and it was Barcelona to be precise. How coincidence, ain't it? :D

Yup, that's what I've been through :)

Much love, Sera

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