Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crystal Clear

Some polaroids me and Lucas have taken in the early 2012, and his old lens...

Is this just my fantasy... or is it reality?

As soon as I'm back on blogging world, I somehow feel all my confident has back to me. So last night I gave myself another go. I called Lucas. It just happened in a flash. He picked up, and I could hear noisy voices back there. He must be really busy. He didn't even know it was who called him.

Him: Hello?
Me: Luc...

That's it. Just a peek of my little voice and I knew he knew it was me. He asked how was my day and where I lived. He didn't sound like a mad man I saw the last time he went off through that door. Well I cried silently. Lucas sounded like the old him I knew. Last night I remembered all the things we have done together. Travelling from one place to another and how I saw mom was so happy when she met Lucas in Athens. Also not to forget, all the things we had in our university in Moscow. 5 years of waiting and the day when he confessed his love. All ran through my mind last night.

Me: I wish I can see you again. Through the same door as you left me that day.

And I shut it down. 10 seconds later he called back and said something that I never thought he would do that. He wanted me back. He apologized. He sounded hurt. He said he loved me for who I am and what I do for my life--we fought because he was mad that I chose to be a freelancer in Medugalion, teehee. 2 minutes of phone call which turned out really good. I must say thank you so much for this blog. Without you, I wouldn't called him and has such brave :) Now I can happily say that we're back together...

Much, much, much, MUCH love, Sera

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