Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Went Off

Werelse jellyfish tee, Forever21 shorts, Chanel leopard jacket, Balenciaga bag

Feels like pulling out my shorts today. I just remember that 3 days has passed and I also remember that I forgot to posted something in my 3 days' "weakness" without Lucas :D But this morning right after I had breakfast, Lucas called me and asked me with laughters to pick him out! God I've been missing him for too long! Eren even screaming when I screamed LOL. We then soon drove away to the airport, kekeh. Can't wait to post about Lucas' trip which means.... MORE COUPLE PHOTOS!

PS: However, if you happen to be Revel blog's reader, then you must've known about her sad broken-heart story. I, as her bestfriend, feel sorry for that. If you don't mind, read and leave a supportive comments would really make her day :) Thank you, God bless you!

Much love, Sera

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