Friday, January 13, 2012

First Square

Just found this picture when I was cleaning the files...

Remember this one? This is the un-edited picture. I use this on my "ABOUT" page tab and somehow the resolution has compressed.... but it wasn't me. I've never compressed my pictures before. But whatsoever, it's so amazing to see that Eren has arrived here! :D

Oh my, she was so stylish! I envy her skinny and little body so she can looked great in every clothes she wears.... Unlike me. I wonder where did she get that orange longchamp bag from ZARA in France... Perfectly paired with basic Tee from EvilTwin, and white skinny jeans from Lea. She coloured her hair, btw.

Also don't forget with my lovely twins, Sel and Del. They both played with my Mac all night long -__- and Sel almost broke one of my LOMO - the Super Sampler one... - but she didn't... When I was trying to talk to them, they just laughing and telling me I was too dramatic. She said Lucas must've done something to me... :/

Well, Sel (left) and Del (right) looked quite different these few days. Don't you think so?

Much love, Sera

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