Friday, January 27, 2012

Nerds Do It Better!

Like, it's another thing I love to collect. Books have always been on my sides since ages ago. People said my "nerd-power" came from daddy who was once an author in Greece. Yep, he ever wrote 10 books and all of them is about his life's journey, random trips around world, and stuffs like that. He did it for about 7 years together with mom :) How sweeeeetttt!

PS: I am now having a long-time paused at Starbucks with Lucas :) He's going to spend 3 days of his trial work with Barbara Antoinette on Cannes! FYI, Barb is Schuman's old bestfriend and I've personally met her in person too! She's such a talented world-rate photographer. Just wish us luck, cuz probably me and Lucas can get another silver chance to be an official red carpet photographer for once again!

Much love, Sera

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