Monday, January 9, 2012

Story of The Day

Today's breakfast: another healthy food. Yep, I catch up a cold last night -,- and mom didn't let me to choose my own food... Well, seems like I should think twice about my health now. And as always, strawberry and a non-fat yoghurt would be my best healthy choice. I used to be a junk-food lover, but since I met Lucas, he thaught me to be a vegetarian. Well, foods in Russia are too junkies to be consumed and I can't hang with porks of lambs... So yeah, I think I've became a vegetarian now :)

Anyway, last night right before I catched up the cold, I was on a friend's birthday party with Lucas and all of my bestfriends. And I think, the reason why I sick now, was because the dress I wore last night. It was a formal party so Lucas just pulled out his old tux and I, well, I don't know why I chose this Stella McCartney pastel dress in nude :| Surely not good for breezing weather in Moscow...

There was just only a picture of it. This was taken by Margaretha, annnnnddd, she was in a rush. I told him that I need a picture of us in this moment. And he asked me to just kiss him in the picture. Damn, and I somehow love it! So here it is, the only memories left.... But still, thank you, Meg!

Much love, Sera

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