Saturday, January 21, 2012

Still Alive

Oh, this is really bad. Why can't I simply post something here? Why do I always keep neglecting this blog? Why...?? :( Sorry, I know I'm a bad blogger. I promised to post my nail-art about a week ago but I ended up nothing. Really, I was having some problems with the photography class and lots of works to be done. I'm going back to my old worksphere, magazines photoshoots. I've been contacted by Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar as well last week for their featured pages. Finally after years I take a break from them, they still believing in me to handle some of their great projects :) Once again, I'm so honored...

I also met Jane Aldridge for the first time, ever! Yayness! I still can't believe it! If it wasn't because I was working together with Scott Schuman (which I believe it was also an "accident"...) for Teen Vogue on January Issue, I wouldn't get the chance! Jane is so much prettier than how I used to see on her blog. I love her red-flame hair and her eyes - oh my God, eyes - they're so stunning :* Then she asked me to took her outfit shots that day near the forest. You can see the post, here. She was so beautiful!

Oh, and, I know I've left this blog with a very long post interval of the previous one, but I still want to show you another masterpiece of mine :D

Spending the after-school life with Lucas around Starbucks. He was just signed a contract with Prima Creative as digital web designer. What a good beginning! Since Lucas is great with designs and love to "ruin" someone's web, I think digital web designer is the perfect job for him :D I still wondering for myself. I don't know if I will hang with magazines forever or not... Well, we'll just see!

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