Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's Breakfast: From China With Sushi

Thinking about how many times I posted about foods or breakfast I had in this blog makes me wanna make a regular post about it. What do you think? It's always another delightful passion for me to take tons of food pictures. I adore Michelle Koesnadi from Glisters and Blisters for her amazing photographs in taking food pictures. Just click the "Food" label and you'll find to-die-for delicious pictures already :9

Talking about foods, here are breakfast menu I got this morning:

Miyawako made me and Eren a really creative and kinda "cute" menu :D The sushi roll, oh my for God sake, that was the cutest and most creative sushi I've ever seen! I even asked Eren not to eat them, they're soooo good-looking! Too good to be eaten, especially by greedy monster like me.... While for the dessert, Miya-san left us to made a customized DIY bread :| Soooo, yeah! Try to guess which one is my creation! ;)

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