Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just Chillin'

It's Sunday! Spending the whole day around the department stores with friends. Lina, Revel, and Roro decided to had another girls' night out last night I spent my dreams on Revel's home. We talked about boys, you know that ;) It was cute how Lucas kept texting me even when I've told him that I'll be fine. We used to hang out somewhere when it comes to Saturday night, but we didn't last night so he got a little bit "mad" of me :D Too bad that I only took one photo and it's Revel's house, not one of us LOL.

FYI, Revel is a newbie in Blogosphere and if you don't mind, come check her blog, Rebel Revel and probably follow her? Anyway, I think Lucas has to step aside along with his house's beauties, now I'm amazed with Revel's house, don't you??

Photo by Revel.

I was wearing black blazer from Stardivarious, grey seen-through tank from American Apparel, bag from Chanel, and an unbranded black leggings I stole from Miyawako's closet :P Unfortunately Eren got something to do and she asked the twins to accompanied her. So because I have nothing to do, I called Revel and she agreed to hang out somewhere this afternoon.

So we went downtown and headed to one of the Chanel store. Revel, Roro, and Lina said they're just going to sightseeing and won't buy anything but me. Yep, I probably a little bit greedy person type. As I've told you on my previous post I just had another photoshoot project for Vogue Greece. And I know you guys won't believe me with the price I got :DD

One of the cosmetic store we found on department store! So heaven!

Revel, Lina, Roro.

All of them were wearing the same boots from Chanel too! I love Roro's pairs, it's glam and cool! Too bad I didn't pull of my Louboutin boots :( I was wearing Dolce and Gabbana star booties which I forgot to take the photos, but you still can kinda imagine it paired with my feet by read Jane's post about them, here.

For the review, we all just sightseeing and I think I was the only one who spent lots of money :$ Oh, seeing those Louboutins and pretty make-up stuffs makes me wanna cry over! :D I'm trying to make a unique nail art right now, and just wait 'til I finish it cuz I'm sure will post it!

Much love, Sera

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