Friday, January 27, 2012

Idle Hand

Hello, dear readers out there! Today I would like to introduce to you my 1946 Hermes Kelly bag! Lucas bought it second-hand at thrift store few weeks ago for an amazing price and it's one of the most precious items in my closet now. Do you like the colour? I think it's so versatile. You can wear it with black, blue and brown tones. Also, it's very unlikely that you will bump into someone who has the same! The one question that always come up with vintage items is CONDITION. This bag has seen better days but isn't it normal for something that is 66 years old to have a few wrinkles? A bag is made to be worn, not to sit around in a box! :D

Anyway, as you can see that I can't simply post on this blog as average like last year. I'm on my productive days this lately, especially with my photography class and so on. School life might be sucks, but it's nothing when you got friends beside you, no? ;)

Playing around these colourful paints around to spend the whole boring day. I decided to put another interest to arts, not only in photography side. Miyawako bought me lots of canvas, and Eren helped me to get inspired :D Too bad that the twin has went away back to Jakarta :( Sel and Del will continue their school and as soon as they're going to start the "old-boring school life", they gave me this beautiful package of sweets of lotions! I'm not sure will try them, but their smells are as sweet as their looks :9

Enjoying my new Macbook case. Mmm, not a good one I think... Thoughts?

Much love, Sera

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