Monday, January 9, 2012

The Collector

So why do I always collect cameras even if I know I've had enough of them? I love being called as collectors. Any kind of things, as long as it's collectible, then I'm gonna collect it. Cameras are one of my investments. Don't forget about the shoes. Like this one... As I've told you I got a cold so I'm not allowed to do an outside photoshoot. Lucas also doesn't accompany me now. He's quite busy these past few days during his presentation for our photography class. He's the leader, by the way ;)

And for this post, I wanna show you what I've taken with my brand new polaroid camera, just came by 2 days ago when I was trying to rest my head and feet from Hawaii. It's a birthday gift that Jason gave to me. He's my friend. I was first knew him from Lomography site and since then we always shared lots of things to each other :D Thank you so much for the polaroid, J. I'm about to start collecting them now....

Much love, Sera

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