Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Missing Role Model?

The Romeo has got home! Yippie yey! I must admit that Lucas has changed so much with his style for the last 3 days in Cannes. I know I've promised to post our photos on airport or probably right at the day when I pick him up, but I forgot to bring my camera and somehow my cellphone battery was out... Sorry! But to repay you all of my delayed promise (again), here I give you Lucas' photograph right after went home from our meeting at Medugalion Entertainment HQ right at the centre part of Moscow. Both of us were having a long-day-trip and were invited as special guest by my old friend from Sweden, Bethanny Ursula Minowa Itzchnikova. Call her, Bumi :D

Unbranded tank, Romwe blazer, Prada bag, American Apparel satin pants

While Lucas got his masculine way, I finally brave myself to dressed as casual. Just for the trip! This is actually a secret one, I never dressed in formal way before except for strict conditions where I have to. Lucas said I looked better and more "educated" LOL. Anyway, I just realized that I got skinnier than last year :/ Do you too?

PS: Lucas' photo was taken by me, my photo was taken by him <3

Much love, Sera

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