Monday, June 11, 2012

Black Rainbow

Zara jumpsuit, Zara shoes, Pieces clutch

Loving my new black jumpsuit from Zara :) Today's so warm that I wanna go out a while with Lucas. All black is always my choice to redominate the sun heat. But when people look at my feet, they'll see those cute rainbow babies. It took ages for me to decided to or not to buy this shoes. At first when I said I wanna bought the JC Stinger and saved money for that, I ended up buying another heels from Zara :D Their collections are always up to date. Still, I don't like their lookbooks :x Have a good Tuesday!

Much love, Sera

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  1. owh,nice outfit,:)

  2. Heya Sera!
    Do you set up a camera on a tripod or does someone else take the photos? Cute jumpsuit too, btw. Hope you had a nice Tuesday too. xx

    1. in crowded space like that??? NO, haha! lucas took this. i rarely use tripod actually :x

    2. Hahaha I wasn't sure! I thought someone must have taken would have looked pretty silly otherwise!! hehehe :D
      Lucas is a good photographer. Does he take all your photos?

    3. not really. but yeah, haha! i force him all the time to take them for me. at first he'd said no, but now he's getting used by our new habit :)


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