Friday, June 8, 2012

Current Lovely: Mango Fall '12 Lookbook

Though I'm a longtime Zara fan, but I must admit that Mango's fall '12 lookbook this time is much better than Zara's. Just found this amazing blog, Wolf Fashion and looked up to the post where Zara's lookbook looked even worst this time... I don't like how the model tend to be sooooo skinny! You can see it clearly from the model's face--it's creepy! :( It'll give teenagers out there a bad example of fashion world, right? Unlike Mango's one, the model looks alright which in other words, at least she looks healthy and *cough*--the clothes collections make her even better. This time, Mango does it all better than Zara. But it's all about people's perspective. How you see it, and how I see it :) Have a great Friday, everyone!

Much love, Sera

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  1. Hey Sera!
    OMG I love those aviator sunnies in the second pic. I've always wanted a pair of those, but have never gotten around to it. that model has such stunning eyes.
    ♥ EJ

    1. i'm a big fan of aviator sunglasses too! i'm currently saving more money to afford them ;)

    2. Yeah, they're pretty expensive, aren't they? I'm saving up some cash too, but I'm not sure for what yet! :)

  2. my favorite look has got to be the fifth one :)
    and i agree on how models has been setting a bad example on how a healthy body looks like to teenagers out there. yes, they're tall, and it's a great posture, but definitely too skinny!


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