Monday, June 11, 2012

Blogger's Style: Doina Ciobanu

{Doina Ciobanu of The Golden Diamonds}

Lately when I didn't have the time to do outfit posts, I did blogwalking to overseas blogs. And thank's to Sushi, I got an idea to post a kind of blogpost series like my breakfasts one, which I'll tell you my favourite bloggers of the moment :) Okay so as the first one, let me introduce you--or probably you can introduce me?--to the fabulous woman from Moldova, Doina Ciobanu. I forgot when was the first time I stumbeld upon her blog. She's just amazing :D I've gone through her old posts--FYI that I love reading other blogger's first post on their blog--and see how much differences she got until now. The lovely princess is ready to shock your eyes with those glamorous style... :)

Photos courtesy of The Golden Diamonds

Much love, Sera

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