Thursday, June 7, 2012

Everything I Used To

H&M shirt, French Connection jeans, Zara shoes, Zara bag

Believe me or not, Payphone is still striking over in my head whenever I'm around the radio. I just back from blogwalking and simply inspired by Illy's post, Actually. Now I'm gonna make one like that with the title... Everything I used to.

I used to be an introvert lady.
I used to hate people.
I used to avoid maths and everything complicated.
I used to yelled at my mom when me and Driad got in a stupid fight and she didn't pick me as the winner.
I used to fell in love for so many boys, like a playgirl. The difference is that I didn't date one of them.
I used to ripped all my jeans when I was younger back then and lived in Bali, Indonesia for 2 years.
I used to stared at my camera. Just stared them, not used them. I was kinda afraid if I might broke it.
I used to hate heels and wedges.
I used to hate my own skin.
I used to hate my family's background. It's so diverse and I though I'd never understand about it.
I used to mis-matched my looks. Thank's to internet world, now I can dress-up a little bit better.
I used to kicked stuffs around.
I used to left my crib at night when I was unmood.
I used to forgot my iPod when I travelled with my family.
I used to kept my love away rather than confessed it.
I used to be everyone's second option.
I used to had those jerk-days with Lucas. Now? EVERYDAY is jerk-day :x

I love how Illy loves making lists of her stuffs in life. It's fun and I realized it keeps me motivated to be a better person. Everytime I look up to this, I'll just remember those times in the past where my unnecessary stubborn-ness still ruined my head. Good night, sweet people! ;)

Much love, Sera

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  1. woah, you once lived in Bali? It's a pretty island right? :) i live in Indonesia, in Jakarta though. but i always feel Bali is one of prettiest place in Indonesia. :)

    the list you make are inspired. :)

    1. yes, pretty ;) bali is such a paradise. i'm a kind of indonesian mixed-blood too! my great grandma is indonesian and i can speak a lil bit of bahasa :D

  2. Such a nice and interesting post. Your outfit here is so cool, love the top and shoes. X

  3. WAW!! your outfit is really cool!!!love it :D

  4. u look lovely!!

  5. Hay Sera, thanks for visit and comment in my post (
    But Im so sorry for late reply. And wooow, that's you? OMG, ur so preety, ur amazing! can;t wait ur update post.

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    1. daaang, girl! you're suh sweeet! :p i'm gonna eat you!


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