Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Impossible As It May Seem...

Zara sweater, H&M skirt, Zara shoes, Zara bag, Asos sunglasses

Just went home from uni yesterday and decided to have a late stroll at the park with Lucas. I know it's stupid but I've been thinking about my relationship this lately... Everything's fine, nothing's wrong and we both have a really good life together. But there's just something wrong. I feel really weird. At some times, I want to be alone--to be single again like I used to. But then there comes the hard times when I really need him and won't let him go. My emotion's like being played by something--or probably someone--I haven't figured out yet. Aaah~ I need to rest my brain...

Much love, Sera

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  1. those pics are so nice!!

    1. thank you EJ! been times i haven't seen you around :)

    2. Aww I'm sorry about that! :(
      I'll try to comment more regularly now!!
      PS- Your hair looks so nice in these shots! Sometimes, I wish I was blonde....

    3. haha that's okay! i just kinda miss you ;) your blog is still as hilarious as the first time i visited it

      ps-being a blonde is suck :p now brunettes, that's what i call life

    4. Awwwwwww thanks! That means a lot! :D
      I've never actually thought of my blog as being funny,actually. I just write what's on my mind. hahaha I guess my mind is a funny place.

      ps- well, as much as I love being a brunette I'd still like to try blonde one day, if I could. but nah, I love my hair too much! :P


    5. shoooot, your blog is full of wonderful thoughts and believe me, i was first heard about the hunger games from your blog! :D if it wasn't because of you, i'm sure i wouldn't watched that movie until now!

      ps-blondes remind me of britney sometimes :x don't forget to tell me when you do!

  2. cool outfits :)


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