Monday, June 11, 2012

Today's Breakfast: Warm & Love

Honey pancake and chocolate milk

Attention, everyone. This is the first time Lucas woke up earlier than me! :D Yes, since we moved to Milan, Lucas rarely wake up in the morning--he gets on over 11 am, mark that~ But todaaaayyy, he woke me up and when I looked at him, he already got his shower :O He even made me a lovely breakfast. Pancake showered by sweet honey we both just bought yesterday :9 Thank's Luc!

And you, what's your breakfast this morning? ;)

Much love, Sera

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  1. wow,looks delicious,i had orange juice for my breakfast today :)

    1. you did? i don't think orange juice will be enough for the entire day for me :D

  2. yeah that does look soooo tasty Sera! Today, I had porridge and a slice of raisin toast. mmmmm. :)

    1. EJ i can even imagine it when you say 'mmmmm'!!! must be so delicious! :9 who made it?

    2. Well I usually sleep in for ages so Mum made the porridge. ;)
      I made the toast though--such a tough job! Getting a slice out of the packet, putting it into a toaster and then buttering it! So much hard work! :P
      Jokes! xxxxx
      who made your delicious brekkie?

    3. LOOL imma sleepyhead too! :D but lucas is much more sleepybutt :x this time lucas made for me but i usually made the breakfast for the 2 of us. unlike when i was in moscow, my aunt made all my breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks--you name it ;) her hands are heavens for all kind of foods!


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