Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wolly Olly Holly

Zara sunglasses, unbranded shirt, unbranded jeans, DIY denim jacket, Mango shoes

White and blue can never fail to impress me. Especially light blues like the colour of my denim this time. So fresh and clean, isn't it? :) Holidays are coming and I can't wait for making any trip lists for the both of us--or probably you can join in if you're around Milan? :D Some of my friends said they'd back to their hometowns or countries. I guess I'll spend more time to think about that too. I've always been feeling homesick but being around the world for almost 7 years and not for home makes me stronger :) Still, think about going home, Sera...

Much love, Sera

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  1. nice shoes dear:)
    are you Greek? How Greek looks like? :)

    1. thank's! greece is amazing! you gotta see the city of athens! i don't know what it looks like now cuz i haven't got home for years :) but i hope it'll be just like how i first left...


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