Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And I Said, "What makes you took so long for this?" (:

So it was like, wheew, you guys won't believe me. But I'm going to write this eitherway.

I was working with my photography team to set up some shots. Me, Dylan, Katrina, Lina, and Michaela. We didn't asked Lucas to go with yesterday because they knew I'd be so in emotional way if he came too. Everything was just to keep me concentrated with our project.

I was running down to the lake bringing some camera bags which was VERY heavy with no weird expectation as usual. I mean, I never stop thinking about Lucas for almost 4 years and only that day I stopped. I should've knew it that something went wrong when I saw Sarah joined...

It's nothing if she's not Lucas' little sister. She always bitchy about Lucas and all things about him. She even ever told me about how her brother's sexy body :$ No, I swear I never asked about Lucas' sexiness! But yeah, she didn't do it yesterday. I still didn't realize it. Something really went wrong and I didn't realize.

Lina said I should go to the other location to get some other great shots, and I did. Dylan said something which I couldn't really heard as clear, but it was like, "We'll do it right here?". And Katrina shook her head. Then they both smiled widely when I stared curiously, standing like a moron with hands full of shits camera films. I just rolled my eyes and continued walking. It wasn't really snowy but I can't stand on my feet with 6 degrees condition! Brrrr.... :3

"Can I join you, Seniorita?". I was surprised as Lucas showed up and talked to me like jerk He brought something on his back, like a cat, but I knew it wasn't his cat. His family doesn't like cat and prefer dog. "What's that?", I touched it and it roar like the motherfucking Aslan in Narnia. Then Lucas said, "He likes you" followed with a super charming smile that I always love to see. He was such a big brother taking care his other lil brother which was the cat. I rolled my eyes and hoping if he could see that I needed help for bringing those camera bags. And.... he did!

"What are you doing with that?" he grabbed all of the bags and threw it easily. I was so in panic and screamed out loud thinking what would I say if all the cameras inside are broken. Hell for me. But in second, I realized it wasn't the camera bags Katrina asked me to bring. So I opened it and fool, it wasn't cameras -__- It was tons of rocks! I wondered what were those heavy rocks doing there??? I stared at Lucas and he just giggling. Then situation was getting awkward because I didn't know what to say.

"Let's get around!" He shouted at me for another second times and grabbed my hand. All of my hands were free because I was no longer holding that fucking things that have tricked me before. For a second, I felt like we were going nowhere, and it was my third time my walk with Lucas. Just by the 2 of us :)

Lucas and I spent almost the whole day walking along the flea markets near the big lake. He knew me too well :) I was looking for some vintage goods like that angel-wing ring accessories. I tried it on, and suddenly sparkles showed between my eyes. I think Lucas realized it and he put out some cash and smiled at me. "I'll buy you, and you don't need to feel like uncomfortable or what because I know you don't do that". And he started laughing again.

The weather was getting colder and my sweater wasn't warm enough to get me comfortable. And again, Lucas realized it. He hold both of my hand and warmth it up with his breeze. CALL THE AMBULANCE PLEASE, I CAN'T FEEL MY HEART-BEART :$ "Already warm enough?" I nodded and stared at his face. That was another close-up with him. It's funny how boys really like to look at girls' faces too close. "Well, I'm not sure you're in a good condition for the whole photoset project now, your body is so cold. I'll get you home right now," Lucas put his hand on my shoulders and we walked away again just like a "real" couple. I still couldn't believe what he was saying because of the amazing charisma he had.

But I stopped him and said this loudly, "Why were you came?"

We both stopped. I saw his face so full of beauties and as a girl, I could be too envy of his amazing eyes and his super-white teeth :| He put his hands in the pocket and half-smiled to me.... "Because I wanted to see you." Okay that was an answer and I didn't know how to react. He walked closer to me and took my cold hands and kissed them. "The truth is, I've got tired for waiting. When will exactly you see my signs??". Oh God, my heart was bumping and I think I would dead asap but I didn't. So here it is,

"For the last 5 years in my life, I've been waiting for someone's attention. I was blind until you came and lighten up my days. Every night in my praying, I always hope if I could be with you, if I was the one for you. You're so attractive and I thought I don't have much time to wait anymore so I'll just say it......

.... I love you, Seravine Jovinski Armaneta Wildblood."

And swear, all I paid attention on wasn't his love confession, but my name.

"How did you know that I got 'Jovinski'? It's just an old baptism name and I don't really like it as well as my mother does-" Lucas suddenly kissed me and it surely blowed my mind! I. Can't. Believe. Anything. He did it for 2 minutes, more less, and I can see the whole world faded :D Not a kind of French Kiss, but it was more like a smooth, meaningful, and blessing kiss :* AND, I forgot I had to answer him.

"So what do you say?", "What do I have to say?", "What do you think you have to say?", "No?", "No, Idiot. Say 'YES'!". And I laughed so hard. The first laugh of that day and I did it because of him. Then he hugged me tight for the last and brought me back home. Again, he gave a flying kiss before left and well, I totally forgot about my photoset team! LOLOL. What will they say? I can't wait to tell this to them. Hopefully they can feel the same emotion and happy as much as I do!

I was (and am!) sooooo happy. I couldn't be more happier. I feel so blessed to have the most amazing, incredible man in the whole wide world to be my friend, bestfriend, boyfriend, brother, and enemy at the same time - and to top it, he used to be my best friend! The entire day was perfect. The proposal, the gifts and surprises, and the entire evening was more than I ever expectecd. It was definetly one of the best days of my life :)

I love him so much, so much.

Much love, Sera Christian (LOL)

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