Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oops, I Did It Again

Went out for a yummy coffeeing and lunch with my very sweet Lucas, Selene and Delene, Sarah, and almost all of my photography class fellas. We were out for planning the new year's school party and I can't wait to pull out my best dress! Can you imagine it? I'll watch the end of the year with someone I love?? I mean, my relationship with Lucas hasn't passed more than a month but we have lots of great moments ahead??? His confession was really in the right time!

Unfortunately, that photo above is the only picture we took. Sel and Del lost her camera somewhere after we left Starbucks :(( Thank God it was only Canon 550D. I mean, it was a gift, anyway. And somehow, it's good for them to have a habit to take out the memory card everytime they just finished using the camera. Good, no? :/ Anyway, I was so embrassed when Lucas' mom showed me this photo,

Lucas embrassed too! This is so cute haha. Me and my twins, Sel and Del decided to have a night cap over his house and watch old movies together for the little christmas celebration. I think I was too sleepy and lazy to move into my room so I ended up slept on the couch at the living room! And it's sweet to know Lucas also slept by my side.... <3

Much love, Sera

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