Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lights Off!

Because Lucas kidnapped me from my photoset project, I got another works to do. This time, I collaborate with my new person in my life, Lucas. HA-HA, he used to be my bestfriend, now he has became my boyfriend so I think he's a new person, rite? ;) We both talked about the theme and I must say, he's such a nice guy! I told Miyawako about our new relationship and she was so happy to hear that I've already found the love of my life :) Last night was also the first night I spent in my life as someone's girlfriend! Hips!

Lucas and I learned how to capture things with lights such as fire, neon, or any other light source. All you need is only dark surrounding and some flares, then start creative-ing! Have a try!

Much love, Sera

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