Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The First Day As A Lover

Feelin so old today and got nothing to do. So I just let myself kidnapped once again by Lucas. And as usual, I asked him if we could go around for a random date. He said yes and the first we reached was STARBUCKS!! Hihi, I will never can get enough coffee for the entire life. I bought 3 in different tastes and challenged him to taste it without throwing up. And he did it! :D Those bubbles are highly recommended!

We went to the garage sale near Lucas' house and I silently decided to bought this pair of cool shoes for him. This is what I love from a garage sale. You can always afford many things here. And today isn't his birthday so I just gave it immediately to see how his feet look alike if it combined with this so-lots-of-love shoes :D

Aw, thank's for the snap, Del!

Also welcome my twin cousin, Delene (left) and Selene (right) Minowa! :) They just arrived from Canada for a long holiday week in Russia, yeay! And for the cherry on top, both of them are going to be my personal photographer for the whole holiday set! Since I'm a newlywed girl :3 I'll need them to snap my sweet moments with Lucas in the near future, hopefully so.

Much love, Sera

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