Monday, December 19, 2011

Paint My Life

Sooooo much spare time so spend! I got lots of works to do, but it can be done later. Still, I don't want to underestimate "this" as too easy. Let's just do it and make it fun! Now, lemme show you what should I do today...

Went out straight to Lina's house today, accompanied with Michaela and my new Pentax K-r in PINK! They also availible in 12 body colours too! Uhm, about a week ago, I was searching on Google for a further information about how to buy it in Russia. But it took years for me to understand those Kanjis.... :| Thank's to Lucas (all over again, I know...) that has shown me the easier way. You know I'm kinda slow-tech. Sorry.

And alsooooooo, my new headphone gift of a sweet cousin abroad! More PINK madness, yeah! \m/ Thank you so so so damn much for Nava! I like it and love it and adore it an awful lot :) Now I'm gonna rock the road I walk~

Had a dinner with some new friends too! We went to L'acosta Lunch and Coffee Dinner. It has lots of tasty foods to be tried. And the dessert, oh my stop joking you will never ever ever leave this place if you've tried the Strawberry Dellican Finchioso :9 So heavenly!

This sprinkles below are my magic items of the day. Another jobs I got from the photography class. This time, I teamed up with jerky people like Adriana, Camille, Delilah, and Roxanne. We have to make something artsy for the christmas party that will be held at uni. Hopefully can do the best, 'cuz this is my biggest chance to show myself on public! The student abroad who loves beauties too much :D

No day for me without Starbucks!

That's my cat, Garfield. LOL I know he doesn't look alike Garfield much :| But I keep name him as "Garfield". He's so lazy, he loves to eat a half (or probably all) of my Lasagna. That hurts, seeing your lovely cat eats your dinner and your aunty keeps letting him do that for the pretty much whole time. I wonder about my healthness :/ And here I present you my latest face-look right now!

Much love, Sera

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