Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Unfinished Wishlist

I've been making lots of wishlists from years to years. Mostly about my next year's life resolution. I admit, I never did what I've made :D I just stared at those papers and left it somewhere on my desk for another century. This time, I hope I'll remember to keep doing the wishlist-resolution everytime I back to my blog. Now check it out!

1. Macbook Pro. (done!)
2. iPhone 4GS (my old one has slowed down and I hate it so damn much). (done!)
3. Pentax K-R, the pink one. (done!)
4. Jeffrey Campbell Lita in cosmic. (done!)
5. A great tutor of chemistry, physic, and biology. Oh also math.
6. New grand piano (some of the tuts are broken and I can't keep it that way!). (done!)
7. Hair-cut please! My bangs are growing faster than I thought! (done!)
8. I wanna meet with Chiara, Andy, and Carolina.
9. To plan a perfect date with Lucas. (done!)
10. All my wishes come true :)

My dad said it's better for a person to write down their wishes on paper and stick it somewhere we can see everytime. I'll try to do that, let's see how I'm gonna make them all!

Much love, Sera

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