Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Hiatus

Was sent this cute postcard from Paris by my beloved girl, Eren.

Also this amazing white glass ball sent by her via e-mail. Oh, wherever she goes, her photography skill will never decreases! I envy her for the thousand times, again!

Anyway, how's your christmas preparation? ;) I'm sure mine will be ready just by tonight. I helped Miyawako for almost the whole day and because of that, I had to skipped Lucas' invitation to go out. It was such a dilemma, anyway :D BUT, look how I designed our living room! This is so to die for! It took 4 hours for me to set the lights right at the top of the windows. I almost gave up! But now? ;)

Yep, now all we have to do is looking for some christmas gifts. My mom and dad will come for christmas and I don't want to looked giftless. Now I wonder what kind of gift should I get? :/ Any...?

Much love, Sera

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