Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LOLing Around With Romance

Nah, just back home from our sweet dinner! :D But maybe I'll update this post later 'cuz I'm really tired now, and happy too <3 More hilarious story will be told and all you have to do is wait, wait, wait, zzzz.....

*updates* Hi there, waiting for the update too long? ;) Sorry! I've been busy with the christmas preparation and other good pretty stuffs to be placed around the house. Many things to do~ So, I'm gonna continue yesterday's post. Like I've told you, me and Lucas went for a dinner with some friends too. The point of that dinner was nothing but to tell them about our new relationship :D I know, I know we haven't married yet but we've got too many hiatus on this. Well what can I say? All of my friends are also waiting for 'this' to be happen!

It was about 5 PM and he called me, asking where should we eat. And I said, Fish 'n Co would be great, and he agreed. Then I told my girls to came over there and don't forget to bring some guys. Right after we had a little chat on phone and Lucas said something beautiful again to me, I wondered what clothes should I wear??? I'm quite confused with this since I've never been going out at night so it was hard for me to find the perfect looks :$ Thank God Miyawako gave some good advices and also lend me my new favourite pieces from her closet, this yellow vintage sweater from my granny, and a pretty floral handmade scarf!

So I thought that was the best I can get for the cold weather. 6 PM, Lucas arrived at my house to picked me up and prepare his heart for tonight. I knew he was kinda dramatic :D I asked where's the ride and he said we were going to take a walk to the Fish 'n Co. I rolled my eyes. Well, with the cold weather, I couldn't even feel my fingers anymore! But then he grabbed my hand and started walking without even care with my reaction.... Oh, that sweeeettt. Now I didn't have any problem! ;)

We talked about each others' past and how stupid we were when we still hid our feelings for almost 5 years. Lucas was so cute with dark blue hoodie and messy hair :* For a while, we didn't talk and just walked in silence. That was so awkward until I didn't know what to do. I still couldn't see straight to his eyes. I'm afraid if I do, I'll fall in love too hard with him. But suddenly, he stopped me. I brave myself to looked at his face and oh damn..... HE WAS GOING TO KISS ME +++++ I couldn't moved my body and his arms didn't let me go away. So it was going to be epic \m/ But a second before he kissed me....


All of my friends from the photography class were there! They saw us! I felt embrassed. Lucas felt embrassed. We both felt embrassed. But it didn't come as awkward anymore. He gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek and they screamed for the loudest! :D Then we all went to the garden and canceled the dinner. None of us was that hungry, anyway.

Sorry for the bad quality, I would have brought my camera or Lucas would, but this is another sweet date with them and I thought I'll just leave it and enjoy the night :) Those photos above were taken by the crazy talented Delene and Selene by my phone. Anyway, they asked me yesterday if I could just teach you guys to pronounce their names as 'Dylan' and 'Celine'. Okay, sweet dreams, Cupcakes!

Much love, Sera

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