Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Farewell, Eren Moskovitz

My cousin, Eren is going to Paris tonight. Her weekend has over and she has to be back in uni the day after tomorrow. Eren is currently studying about Law, majoring International Relationship in Sorbonne Nouvelle III. No, she is awesume :$ And it's my duty to take her on a beautiful trip around Moscow. Eventhough I, myself, don't know this city more than her, but she made it awesome and respect me so much. Oh I'm gonna miss you soon, babydoll!

Don't you think she's too precious to be my cousin??? I love how Miyawako's face, body, interests, and her lovely accent applied on Eren. She's the only Japanese-look-alike girl at my school. And can be guess, almost all of the boys chase after her. For all the time :/

What do you think? I love the colour of my eyes <3

But before she left, she taught me how to do the right make-up so I can do it by myself for every events in the future. Can you see that? She got so many make-up stuffs! Well, no wonder her face is so cutey :x We also played with snow for awhile and I need the-man-who-sat-right-behind-me's blanket LOL!!

It's good to had you these past few days, here in Moscow, Eren :) Thank you for all the photography lessons you gave to me. Thank you for always accompany me to the Starbucks every morning. Thank you for all the beauty advices you told to me. Thank you for being a loyal listener of my boring long love story. I'm gonna miss you too much :* RETURN SOON!

Much love, Sera

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