Friday, December 16, 2011

Much Love, Sera...

Oh my, big thank's for my uni friend, Peter, for making me a blog header! He said, my blog's gonna get too ordinary if I don't use blog header. At least, I can style the picture. But I'm a quite slow-tech person and I asked him help if he could just make one for me. And voila, he done great! I told him that I wanna give a little 'Greeky' for my header. Now as you can see, there's a beautiful silhoute of mermaid :) Oh, will soonly apply this for my header! :* Thank's a lot, Pete!

Much love, Sera


  1. aw, that's sweeeet :)) thank you!

  2. good luck for your photoblog, sweetheart! xx

  3. thank you so much,nava! this blog is quietly nothing without you!


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