Saturday, December 10, 2011

Billions of Photos

So it's been awhile since I opened Rhianne's blog. If you haven't heard about her, go click the link and see her amazing photography! I was first introduced with blogwalking by Imogen and because of I was searching a photography blog, this one appeared as my lighters.. :O She has tons of Lomo cameras and other stuffs that I never knew before, especially her trip to beautiful places, oh and Paris, don't forget about that.

I don't know where this blog gonna distracted like her, and well, since I just bought a new SLR camera last month, this time I wanna show you some shots from Russia! Enjoy~

That's Lucas' little sister. She's so pretty and talented!

Model above: Imogen.

And this is my breakfast yesterday... yum :9 The milk was just too cute :D

Lucas showed me his new Yashica camera (he's a freelance photographer!) last week when we were having school projects, also with Imogen :D I can't keep my heart beating too fast everytime I spend my time with him <3

See ya!

Much love, Sera

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