Sunday, December 25, 2011

Joyeux Noel!

Yeehaa, it's christmas! Finally! :D Oh I'm so fallin love with the christmas breeze. Eventhough yesterday I told you I was left alone at home to spend the christmas eve with no one, but for today, it all gone :) I didn't expect that my parents would come! We first spent the whole morning at church and also had amazing delicioso breakfast at home. I cooked roasted chicken with sweety honey and garlic by myself yesterday night (when I was alone at home). And guess what? My parents said it tastes good! Not bad LOL.

Still remember my lovely twin, Delene and Selene? At the christmas eve parade yesterday, they went out and looked for so many presents for us, and ME! They also brought home cutey sweet pink macarons. The fashionable finger-food, yum :9 And thank you so much for the far far away gift, a Parisian cup from my beloved cousin, Eren! I've missed her a lot these days! Can't wait to share my latest story too about me and Lucas :D She also gave me another sweet gift, droll over to find out!

1) Jeffrey Campbell Litas in brown suede. This pair of ashtonishing shoes came 3 days before christmas so I've been wearing it to random places. My another cousin, Nava gave me this! 2) The coolest make-up kit from my mom. She said I need to think about how my face look alike since I've got a boyfriend now :| 3) See the new thing? I've got my iPhone! Yaaayyy! And the kind Miyawako also bought me sweet gifts which are 2 books for my boring time of holidays, and thank's to my sweetheart Lucas who have bought me the new lense of my baby Nikon D3000! 4) They aren't mine. I just took the photo of it!

And then after me and my big family had our special breakfast, I spent the whole day to have chitchats as much as I could. I don't know when will my parents fly away back to Greece so it's better to be with them along this christmas, right? ;) Oh and, this one really surprised me. Lucas suddenly came to our house and asked me if tonight I can have a dinner with his family. What do you think I said? YES.

Okay, please don't surprised with his house. I know, I know. The house is just too awesome :$ I, myself didn't believe it was his house at first. But whatever. The open space around his house is my favourite spot. And I also found these pretty trees along the way to his home. Cool...

I must say, the creative instinct of Lucas' family (or I should say, her mom) is really ahmazing! Those photos above were taken from his christmas tree. I bet if you see it, you'll think like it was made from memories and other invisible stuffs. For me, I think Alice of Alice In Wonderland who made that :D

L-U-C-A-S :)

The "drunken" mistress....

Lucas' little sister, Sarah! She just dyed her hair.

Yep, those shoes are also a gift from Eren. Gonna wear it on the new year party with Lucas!

Much love, Sera


  1. merry christmas for you my beloved jerk! enjoy all the gifts and be a charming bitch, always! \m/ god bless you!

  2. d'awe, thank's cutey! may christmas brings you lots of joy too! i hope you enjoy the holiday as much as i do <3

  3. haha, good to hear that. heyyyy pay me a visit in this holiday? :( i've mised you so much!

  4. maybe later, haha! i've missed you too!


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