Monday, December 19, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell's Heavenly Sugary Shoesy!

It's not a secret that most of the girls think that JC Litas are the best feet-cover this century. And so do I. I've been collectiong Litas since I saw it on Paulitta's blog, Japanese Fly and suddenly fell in love with it. It has a great wooden ankle and strong black leather which attracts me! This shoes is a kinda drugs for me, can't stop not to buy it whenever or wherever I see the new version of its pattern :D Thank you for the great works, JC! I really really berry damnly love them!!!

That black one above, is the first Lita I have. They're sooo comfortable to walked in even for your free time! Don't worry about the heels and other accident possibilites, you won't fall out if you pay attention on the road LOL. And these are my other great collections! I hope this will get bigger and bigger :)

Here are some shots of my friends that also love to wear Litas. They got sooo many of it and we are currently competiting on this thing :D

Delilah (1) and Michaela (2).

If you wanna know how my feet look like when wearing this, just wait for the next post 'cuz I'm going to post a trial of "fashion post" :D Wish me luck! Oh, really hope people won't say anything :x

Much love, Sera

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