Thursday, December 29, 2011

No, Not This One

Once again, another shopping day with Lucas. I know, you guys probably have bored with my stories, but this is my life. Every time that I spend with him would be worth so much in the future. It also because we're a newly-couple and you know it, I always miss him all the time. And, unfortunately I was told that my family are going to spend the whole new year holiday in Hawaii, and we're gonna leave Moscow tomorrow morning :( So this is the last time (well, particularly, I hope not) me and Lucas spend the day. Oh I will surely miss him a lot. I don't know, I just hate this holiday....

Still, Lucas said I shouldn't be that sad :) Yes, that's why we went out once again. He was trying to cheered me up! How sweeeet! Annnd, we both went to Christian Louboutin's shoe shop! It was such experience! Okay and I don't know why Lucas wanted to spent such moneys for me. Like, he bought me a camera, complete with its kit and bag, and dozens of shoes, fashion stuffs, and so on. I mean, he knows I already have too much. But he keeps buy me things! Well, I like it, that's sweet and I think I'll be just fine with this as long as he doesn't put this as his burden :/

If you think that I only collect Jeffrey Campbell shoes, well you make a big mistake :D I also interested with Christian Louboutins! They got red soles as the trademark and those glittery shoes are iresisstible! I put them at mom's shoe rack since mine has fulled by JC. But still, if you ask me which one is my favourite between those two brands, Campbell is the man! \m/ Thank you so much Lucas, for this white sequined heels! I love it so much and also been waiting for so long to buy this and complete my collection :) Thank You!

Much love, Sera

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