Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Sinful Angel

Zara dress, H&M belt, unbranded shoes, Zara bag, Pandora ring

Today is the last day before I finally fly away (again and again) to Moscow to get some works done. Bumi suddenly came to my house this morning, right before I was going to Medugalion. As always, she often surprised me with such unpredictable things and this time, she told me that Lucas got something, waiting for me in Moscow. She didn't say what's that thing and I hate her because of that :$

My new besties in Medugalion UK :)

Thank you so much for accompanying me for the whole day, Chloe, Tania, and Weronika :) We haven't known each other for quite long times but you can easily made my day at office, almost everyday. And thank you so much for being my personal photographer for today. Really, you guys are the best!

Much love, Sera

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  1. I want that bag of yours! Nice outfit :)
    If you're bored or just wanna se my blog I would really appreciate that!


  2. follow back me sera:))

  3. @kaye: grazille mille~
    @sandra: d'awe, thank's sweetheart! i'll check yours later on :)
    @khalida: sure thing!

  4. little white dress for the win! love your look <3

  5. @marla: omg it's such an honor for me! thank's marla, you're the sweetest, ever :*

    muchloveforyou <3


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