Sunday, April 15, 2012

It Was A Long Sayonara

Sfera dress, H&M jacket, Asos sunglasses, Urbaks purse

In Milan, again :| But this time, for studying. The flight was kinda stupid and I started to hate travelling with planes again. Oh, things always get worst when Lucas isn't here with me.... okay enough of that. This week, as you know, I'm in Milan, looking for an apartment or where to live. I haven't got many photos because I didn't have free time; I'll probably show you a bit of what I managed to visit. Have a nice day! :*

Much love, Sera

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  1. love your dress!!! you look beautiful :)


  2. Hey Sera
    Wowww those pics are AMAZING!!! it looks just beautiful, thanks for sharing. ;)

  3. These pictures are beautiful, what a lovely adventure! Loving your bow ring too! :)

  4. @sonya: awe, you're so sweet :)
    @ej: you're welcome, bbg!
    @liesl: haha, funny how you call it as adventure, but yeah! :D
    @alita: the sceneries make it real~
    @nat: thank's sweetheart :*

  5. You look amazing, I love your jacket. Love the pictures and Milan! Hope I can go this summer to Milan as well :)

  6. @tanii: do tell me when you are! i'd love to meet you! :)


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