Friday, April 6, 2012

Who I am...

This post is inspired by my forever analogue photographer inpiration, Rhianne :)

I'm still 18, but people often (or I should say, always?) mistaken my age as 25+. It's because I said to them in every introduction that I'm having my first year in university and that's the only reason why I lived in Moscow. And then they'll surprised and say such things to me which I never think about.

In my second year lived in Moscow, it was the toughest year. People denied me for ridiculous reasons and I hated it. Hated it. And kept on hating it. But then I realized it was just another life-fase so I let it go. It was all because I was originally from Greece.

I'm a person with a background so diverse that it might confuse me at times. I have moslems, christians, and a jew in my family (even atheist). And I'm still so proud of it. I have Greek, African, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, Egyptian, American, Indonesian, and (LOVELY!) English people in my family. And some Austrians and French too. But I'm Greek and for that I'm thankful. I'm in love with the histories and the ancient buildings.

I have a little sister who's still waiting for me to get home back to Athens. This sometimes makes me sick because in fact, I've promised to her that I'll be back in the next year, and the next year, and the next year. Everytime we celebrated christmas, that promise made me crying for almost the whole night because I couldn't be good enough as her older sister.

I easily fall for many good guys around me and everyone can see that. Even Lucas too. That's the first reason why he didn't ask me first from the very beginning. He wanted to see how long can I survive. How much faithful do I got for someone like Lucas. So afterall, blame it to me.

My friends in uni said I'm wasting my time by studying about law, politics, business, economics, etc, which in the end, I put too many interest in photography. They said I should've taken photography school or stuffs like that but not. You know, I love photography (I am mad about it!), and now I'm working with it. But I wasn't sure that I can always hang with photography. Sometimes the world could be just becoming unfair to you.

I'm tall enough for girls like me. But sometimes Lucas bitching about it because I'm not in my perfect height so he can let me laying on his chest. The fact that I can 'only' reach his shoulder is another matter he argues.

When I'm mad about something, Lucas always be there for me. But I can say that he does nothing :D It all disappears just by seeing him smiling and laughing, saying how childish I am.

My mom always ask me everytime we had the chance to do a family reunion about my future. I mean, about my job. She never sure about the world I live in right now--eventhough she ever said to follow my dreams, whatever it takes. Well, I think that's why I studied about non-photography lesson in uni :)

I'm a girl. A woman? A female. I have a big heart. I can be cold but that's okay. I'll always give everyone my best smiles, just to remind me that even in the worst situation, smile can heal everything. Always.

I often smile at strangers. Because I want to change the world (the definition of the world is a relevant matter).

I dream. I am a dream. I float.

Now it's your turn, who are you? :)

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  1. hey nice blog i followed u i hope u follow me back

  2. hey i followed u i hope u follow me back:))
    nice blog

  3. I loved this, I'm so glad I inspired you.

    The part about your little sister nearly made me cry - I left home 7 years ago and still haven't gone back and though it breaks both me and my little sisters heart we do both know that its the right thing for me... just about.

    Smiles do heal everything :)

    1. i don't know. sometimes it's hard to face the reality that i can't just stay in greece because of the economy issue. i just hope that one day i can bring the whole family with me so that i'm not gonna get any homesicks :)

      yes, smiles do heal EVERYTHING!

      thank's for stopping by, rhianne. you inspire me always!


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