Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mushroom Beige

I'm gonna sleep with them tonight. Yeah, another pair of JC Litas. Some of my new friends said I'm freaking them out with wearing these kind of shoes. Well, my height is in average for Italian, so that's probably why I'm getting critized. Oh I'm not blessed by over-170-cms tall so yeah, guess that's why JC shoes were created~

Much love, Sera

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  1. OMG i love your lita!!!
    kiss kiss

  2. I'm not blessed with over 170 cm tall too. But all my friends are shorter than me so I guess they'll critized me if I wear this shoes haha
    But I've drooled for this lita for so long....T-T

  3. Wow! They're sooo beautiful!Love them <3

  4. @alessandra: everybody loves them, baby!
    @cecile: haha, well, better don't listen to others in fashion world. we wear what we like, no matter what, right? :) good luck and i hope you can get your lita asap!
    @martyna: they are! thank's for coming!

  5. yummy shoeeeesss! :9


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