Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh, Crap

I have to admit, I get very frustrated with myself sometimes. Clumsiness and a short-term memory are just but a few of the traits which mar my awesomeness. Haha. And I'm pretty sure that Lucas is nodding his head furiously like an overcharged solar-powered pastel bald-but-smiley-being propped on some cars' dashboard as he reads this. He was cheesed off by those qualities of mine too many times.

Zara blazer, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, French Connection jeans, Hispanitas shoes, Asos sunglasses

So he wasn't too surprised when I wailed to him about the most recent misfortune. I dropped my iPhone on the road as I got off a colleague's car in a rush, and stepped on my iPhone as soon as it touched ground. Resulting in a silver spiderweb permanently etched on my iPhone screen. My mouth opened in a silent scream and I blinked a dew times after I picked my phone up. You know, probably the sunrays hit the screen at a certain angle or something. But noooooo…

The touchscreen is working at least. Shucks. What a dampener! Doesn't seem to bode well huh? Lucas seemed to have an idea but that has to wait till after CNY. Keeping my fingers crossed! Oh gosh. Really, man. Stupid me.

PS: I made these photos on Friday when I the class is over and went for a stroll through the center of Milan (my university is quite near), so this is a 100% "college look". I hope you like it!

Much love, Sera

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  1. I follow you now! You look very pretty, love this outfit ! so chic.
    hope you'll visit mine.


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