Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hit The Lights

H&M shirt, Zara short, Zara belt, Mango shoes

This gonna be a quick outfit post. I took this when I was still in London before leaving. Since I've finished all of my graduation things (and can proudly say that now I'm officially graduated, yay!), I'll head to Milan for another business. Still related to my works in Medugalion, but it's more like an "unofficial" collaboration meeting with some Italian brands. This time I'll try to make an appointment with Chiara Ferragni--that is if she doesn't get too busy :) See you guys really soon!

Much love, Sera

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  1. @spelniaj: oh lol thank's. they were taken by my tripods~
    @sylvia: and you look incredible! :)

  2. thankies for the lovely comment.
    gorgeous pics u have dear :) im craving for the necklace! wanna follow each other?

  3. The shoes, necklaces and the bracelets - give them to me! XD Is it really that sunny in London? Btw. You look gorgeous :)x

  4. You look amazing!
    I love the denim shorts!

    Just followed you on google friend connect! Hoping you follow back!

  5. thanks! :) you louk so precious! :)

  6. you're so cool and stylish! I love the accessories !

  7. Ohmygod, I love your blog!!!! Followed. You have such great style. x

  8. looking lovely! your legs go on for miles in those cute shorts :)

  9. i adore the shoes! they look so fierce!
    can't wait to see you on my blog again!

  10. @bellamoreway: thank you so much belle ;) i love accessories war teehee
    @yola: grazille mille, yola!
    @sandra: haha, i have a bunch of them here :) oh yes, london was being too sunny that day i took this photos. but it'll be different in the next day!
    @nehas: and cool comment ;)
    @marianna: thanks sweetheart! sure, i'll follow you back asap!
    @aga: awe, such an honor dear! you're welcome :)
    @vic: necklace war, baby, necklace war! \m/
    @veren: awe it's veren! :D glad to see you finally found me?
    @jeline: i'll follow back dear, thank's for coming! you rock~
    @kath: the coolest comment belongs to you! i love bbg~
    @fashiongeek: sure! you have such a great style too!

  11. Absolutely stunning! :)


  12. merci beaucoup, amor ;) you're stunning too as well!

  13. Damn miss your legs are fabulous! It's a rather simple outfit but I love how everything is put together!


  14. damn girl, stop talking to your own mirror lol :D


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