Saturday, April 7, 2012

Becoming Character

Zara shirt, Zara belt, Mango t-shirt, Mango shorts, Asos sunglasses, Blanco shoes, Panama hat

Becoming character, or in a cool way called as... let your alter ego shine a little bit. 'Becoming character' is a mantra from Shugo Chara. Well, I'm currently getting stucked with Mangareader and read tons of comics there. Kuroshitsuji, Fairy Tails, and Conan. But for now, I'm having myself grounded with Shugo Chara. I know, I know, you guys will say 'WTF' but the truth is, when I have spare time, I usually read or design something. Not as what you think that I might practice my photography, right? :) And just because I read comics, doesn't mean I act like a child. Well, maybe I do, but it's not that childish~

My alter ego? To become a man. But Lucas said I have no 'man appearance' at all so he kinda challenged me to look alike him. Not even closer? :/ Thank's for reading, and have a nice weekends, pals!

Much love, Sera

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  1. hey thnks for ur comment on my blog
    love ur shoes n shirt
    im ur new follower n hope u follow me too :)

  2. Love this. Very laidback. <3

  3. @priyanka: sure thing, darl. thank's for stopping by!
    @jeline: grazille mille, girly! :) lots of love for you!


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