Thursday, April 19, 2012

Aqua Lluvia

Zara shirt, Zara shorts, La Redoute shoes, H&M necklace, Mango ring

'Nice blue door', that was the first thought that came from my mind about this. Lucia took me downtown and we stopped here, at the backyard of Sandra's house. Not so many people there so I decided to just take some snaps of my OOTD. I must say, Lucia's hands are pretty talented too for her attributions in this blog. Thank you so much for the 'hands', sweety-pie ;) I am trying to convince her to make a photoblog too so that we can see lots of her talents. Wish me luck!

The only 'blue' thing in this outfit is the door, and my necklace probably. Well, it's getting hot here and all I thinking was to swim. But it's almost impossible to swim here in Milan. Then people got coming in our way so me and Lucia was in hurry to hid ourself, teehee :D Have a lovely weekend, pals~

Much love, Sera

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  1. wow! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I followed for sure! You have such amazing style!

  2. thank youuu, you have the sweetest heart! :)

  3. Hello Sera :)
    Ur soooo pretty. :o It's unbelievable :). U've got a very nice blog :).
    I'd be happy, if u visit my blog! :)

    Greetings! :)
    Anne ♥


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