Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Natural Beauties


That's what Lucas told me via e-mail about my blog :$ Oh well, he's a guy, I'm a girl, and this blog dedicated for girls in general. But 3 hours Skype-ing made me fall asleep and left him for hours ha! And this morning we e-mailed each other, talked about what happened to me last night :D I kinda miss him. Especially everytime I call Lucia's name, I remember about Lucas. And that's undeniable...

So me and Lucia grabbed some snack before we get to the class and read some magazines. I never thought that she's a long-time fan of TeenVogue. Well, I don't really get into Vogues actually... I ever worked there because my friends forced me too teehee :D And yeah, quite shocked when I knew that Lucia has collected them for years. Wew, you go girl!

Also, yesterday we had random shopping and I found these beautiful shoes. Wdyt? ;)

Guess that's enough for now. I still have some classes to catch up. Bye now!

Much love, Sera

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