Monday, April 9, 2012

Beach Archive

These are some random photos Lucas took for me. Do enjoy while I prepare everything for my next flight to Milan~ Adioooosss!

Stardivarius shirt, Asos sunnies

RELAX...  I'm taking these kind of vacations with a lot of relaxation because in one month, I'll move to Milan and won't have much time to do that there -__-

Much love, Sera

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  1. youre so stunning and sexy . i just wish i have a body like you have :))

  2. you're pretty! love the black top :)

  3. you're pretty! love the black top :)

  4. @roxy: puhleeasee... my body is just nothing -__- it's way too skinny LOL
    @steph: thank's! it's the most comfortable shirt i've got so far for holidays like this :)


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