Friday, April 27, 2012

Broken Bones

Mango jeans, H&M shirt, Zara parka, H&M shoes

This is the first time I wore ripped jeans, wow! And it feels good :D This is a DIY, of course. I saw this ripped jeans trend about few years ago which some sources said its main aim was for band members. Then there came the fashionable people and changed the real aim, turned this ripped jeans as another wearable fashion items. I'm not sure that mom will like my new jeans. Oh, she liked this jeans, and I've ripped it...

The jeans isn't so ripped since this is my first time experimenting with my own clothes :D And sorry for the shoes, I forgot to take a full-body picture and the close-up. Ah, it's not that beautiful so seeing them on my feet isn't so important. I also decided to just write the items right under the last picture start from now on. Have a blast weekend!

Much love, Sera

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  1. yeah, you're right :) thanks for your comment on my blog. i follow you. and if you don't mind, you can follow me back :) to get the newest update :)
    thanks :3
    and this's a great post :)

  2. I love your outfit. You look really beautiful

    A chic kiss ;-)

  3. nice jeans!

    let's follow each other if you like
    following you now :)


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