Sunday, April 1, 2012

Warming Up

Zara shirt and skirt, H&M belt, Purification Garcia bag, H&M ring, unbranded shoes

Oh God. Oh GOD. OH GOD.

Today is the first day working in Medugalion UK :O I was more than excited for this! I mean, some of them have already knew me well since my surname (Wildblood) is quite rare around the headquarter and the news are spreading fast so they can instantly remember me when I pronounced my name, teehee. Bumi wasn't there, but things gone quite well and I'm delighted that British people are way too polite to me :') Unlike in Moscow, sometimes they ignored you for stupid reasons that aren't reasonable....geez. But yeah! I think I'll be just fine to live all by myself in London. Still looking for a better crib, but I won't force things.

This is the outfit I wore to work. I decided to make it simple since I don't want to be labeled as "Lady Gaga" by being too over-fashion-ladylike to work. But this is London, so people really apreciate what others are wearing and they can understand it as the true reflection of them. I was in a rush, so I mixed all (almost all) what I saw on my wardrobe: a white sheer shirt, black skirt, heels, a fit-to-everything bag and a waist belt. Hope you like! See you guys soon!

Much love, Sera

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